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The ContiProContact features unparalleled wet-braking capacity and year-round traction. This tire performs with outstanding handling, control and high-speed capability. Straight circumferential groove for greater water evacuation and outstanding braking on wet surfaces. Central rib reduces tread pattern noise level for a quiet ride. Optimized shoulder lug stability for enhanced steering response. Optimized sipes with defined radius create an interlocking effect for improved stability and dry handling.

ContiProContact’s PROactive Edge Technology pushes the limits of innovation. The patterned edge design yields increased grip and a quiet ride. The ContiProContact gives you the confidence to drive your high-performance vehicle to the level you want.

Each ContiProContact tire has at least 800 pattern edges in its tread. The more edges a tire has, the more grip it has. PROactive Edge Technology is more than just the quantity of edges in the tread; it is also the shape of the pattern edges. Edges are most effective when they are perpendicular to the direction of travel. The engineers at Continental designed the edges in an arched pattern so that there are more active edges in the contact patch. And no matter what the direction of travel is, there are always edges with the right orientation.

Since your tire contact patch is comparable to the size of a postcard, it is critical to maximize the contact patch interaction with the road. And with maximum edge contact in every direction of travel, tire traction will be optimized in dry, wet, and snowy conditions. Knowing that your tires have been designed for superior traction is especially comforting when you need to make those unexpected sharp turns.

By adding a curved design to the edges, the pattern elements transfer effortlessly from edge to edge. Tires with straight edges have a more harsh transition, which creates tire noise.

The ContiProContact’s low noise level is one of the reasons why the ContiProContact is original equipment on many high-end automobiles, such as BMW, Mercedes, and Jaguar.

Sizes available

185 205/60R15
205 215/55R16
225 245/45R17
225 275/35R18

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