Goodyear Eagle F1

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The Goodyear GSD3 tyre has been voted number one tyre in the market by Auto Express magazine. We agree that this tyre is one of the best all round tyres on the market. With its V shape tread this tyre is built for performance first and everything else second! This tyre is leading the way in technology with its OneTRED design combines three distinct patterns in the tread design to enhance dry and wet performance. Our customers report that the life they get out of this tyre is above anything they had previously expected.

Three integrated tread zones
Help maximize traction and handling for superb grip with sleek Euro-designed appearance
V-TREDTM technology
Helps provide exceptional wet traction and quiet ride
AAtraxTM tread compound provides "AA" wet traction rating
The highest level government rating for wet traction in the industry, without sacrificing treadwear
Rim flange protector
Helps protect expensive wheels from accidental curb damage

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