Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3

This European-crafted tire offers a powerful dry grip and superior wet traction, making it a top choice for ultra high-performance driving enthusiasts. The unique directional OneTRED™ design, with three integrated tread zones, offers superior traction and handling. And the rim flange protector helps guard against wheel damage from accidental contact with the curb. It’s also available with EMT Technology in certain sizes.

OneTred Design

Goodyear’s breakthrough OneTred Design allows for a continuous transfer of forces from one side of the tread to the other. It combines three tread zones to help deliver powerful grip, superior wet traction, and a precise, stable feel.

V-TRED Technology

Goodyear’s V-TRED Technology helps provide a gripping edge for traction on wet roads. V-TRED ribs extend uninterrupted from the tire’s solid center rib, and continue outward to meet robust shoulder blocks. These long, sweeping tread grooves help push water away from the tire, keeping a tight grip on the road.


  • Three integrated tread zones  
  • V-TRED technology 
  • AAtrax tread compound provides "AA" wet traction rating 
  • Rim flange protector


  • Help maximize traction and handling for superb grip with sleek Euro-designed appearance
  • Helps offer exceptional wet traction and quiet ride
  • The highest level government rating for wet traction in the industry, without sacrificing treadwear
  • Helps protect expensive wheels from accidental curb damage

Sizes and Prices

  • 195/45R16 - 178.95$
  • 195/50R15 - 137.95$
  • 205/40ZR17 - 219.95$
  • 205/40ZR17 - 214.95$
  • 205/45ZR16 - 198.95$
  • 205/50ZR16 - 198.95$
  • 205/50ZR17 - 252.95$
  • 205/55ZR16 - 205.95$
  • 215/40ZR16 - 198.95$
  • 215/40ZR17 - 224.95$
  • 255/40ZR19 - 469.95$

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