Goodyear Wrangler UltraGrip

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Off-road and snow performance
Water and snow evacuation
Performance on icy and wet roads

Fit the Wrangler UltraGrip on your 4x4 vehicle for safety, traction and performance in the winter’s worst road conditions. This winter tyre offers security and handling in all winter conditions and lives up to its name with exceptional traction and adhesion on wet, icy and snowy roads.

The Wrangler UltraGrip’s bladed rib/block design maximizes the tyre’s biting edges for all-round winter traction. The tyre’s off-set shoulder blocks help to rip through and disperse snow and mud for off-road and winter performance. The wide circumferential grooves allow greater water evacuation to reduce the risk of aquaplaning while giving better wet performance.

Technical specifications:

Bladed rib/block design for all-round winter traction.

Off-set shoulder blocks for off-road and snow performances.

Wide circumferential grooves for aquaplaning resistance.

35 metres of radial blades for improved grip in ice, snow and rain.

30 metres of longitudinal blades for handling in winter conditions.

Silica-based tread compound for performance on icy and wet roads.

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