Goodyear has recently released it’s new 32 ply rated premium bias mine tire designed with a unique wide base tread design for both traction and cut resistance. These UMS bias ply tires have a rugged tread design that provides traction and overall added cut protection. The tough, durable casing is capable of multiple retreads. Run-flat protection is made possible with the addition of Permafoam inflation that optimizes operator comfort and minimizes equipment damage attributable to the rough ride of a solid tire.


  • Rugged tread design
  • Specially formulated synthetic natural rubber compound
  • Tough, durable casing
  • Fits standard 20” fabricated rim


  • Provides traction
  • Adds cut protection
  • Advanced cut resistance and protection against sidewall damage
  • Capable of multiple retreads
  • New size offering with increased load capacity.

Service Speed: 5.0 mph (10.0 km)

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