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The world renowned Pirelli Scorpion original equipment tyre is ideal also for high speed road use, excellent handling, ride comfort and low noise levels. but also has an outstanding off-road performance, even on snow. Wide range of sizes with european and american markings. Selected sizes also available with raised white outlined lettering.

Scorpion S/T is an exclusive all purpose tyre designed for the latest generation of 4x4 Sport trucks/Sport Utility vehicles. It has been developed in conjuction with leading vehicle manufacturers, resulting in the first 18 Original Equipment approval. The tread pattern features transverse blocks providing better braking on dry and wet roads, whilst the longitudinal grooves give improved drainage to avoid aquaplaning.

With excellent ride comfort and low noise levels combined with excellent handling, this tyre is ideal also for high speed road use. Off-road, the S/T provides superlative traction and exceptional manoeuvrability, even on snow and sand.

Tread pattern
Four longitudinal zig-zag grooves, angled tread blocks and reinforced shoulder area.

Sizes available

255/55 R18TL 109HRB

215/65 R16TL 98HRB

255/65 R16TL 109HRB

235/70 R16TL 105HRB

235/70 R16TL 105T(N)

P255/70 R16TL 109HRW

P205/75 R15TL 99SRW

215/75 R16TL 107T

P215/75 R15TL 100SRW

P225/75 R15TL 105SRW

LT235/75 R15TL 104SRB

LT235/75 R15TL 104SRW

P235/75 R15TL 108SRW NY

LT255/75 R15TL 109SRW

195/80 R15TL 96HRB

195/80 R15TL 96TRB

205/80 R16TL 104TRB

215/80 R15TL 102SRB

215/80 R16TL 107SRB


whats the recommended tyre pressure for 225/ 75/15 for a 1300KG. SUV.I FIND 28PSI IS KINDA HARD STILL.WOULD YOU RECOMMEND 25PSI? the suv is a Grand vitara.

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