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P7000 unique ultra high performance tyre derived from the legendary p zero. Predominantly for on- road use, it provides fast steering response, improved cornering and braking capability. Excellent wet handling and high resistance to aquaplaning. High speed comfort, precision handling and low noise levels. Innovative tread pattern with exclusive "z" block geometry design. Characteristic yellow scorpion on the sidewall. Ultimate fitment for wider alloy wheels, ideal for change-overs.

A unique, ultra high performance tyre for the latest generation sport utility vehicles and light trucks.

Predominantly for on-road use, Scorpion Zero offers high speed comfort, low noise levels, precision handling and quick steering response. Its technical characteristics ensure maximum performance, safety and excellent traction.

The exclusive "Z" tread pattern, low profile and characteristic yellow scorpion on the sidewall, make this eye-catching design the ideal choice for the ultimate 4x4 change-overs, including those with wider alloy wheels.

A class leader, Scorpion Zero gives expression to the most powerful 4WD with all the Pirelli style and safety.

Tread pattern "Z" shaped transverse tread blocks. Longitudinal grooves and rounded shoulder blocks.

Sizes available

15/40 R25TL 120VM+S

255/45 R18TL 99VM+S

255/50 ZR20TL 109YM+S

255/55 R16TL 103VM+S

255/55 R18TL 109VN0 M+S

255/55 R19TL 111VM+S

275/55 R17TL 109VM+S

285/55 R18TL 113VM+S

285/55 R19TL 114VM+S

235/60 R18TL 103VM+S

255/60 R17TL 106V(a) M+S

255/60 R18TL 112VM+S

275/60 R16TL 109VM+S

285/60 R17TL 114VM+S

285/60 R18TL 116VM+S

345/60 R17TL 123VM+S

235/65 R17TL 104VM+S

P255/65 R15TL 105HM+S

P285/65 R16TL 113HM+S

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