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Optimum balance between extreme performance, comfort and low noise is due to innovations in the structure, specialised compounds and, above all, torsional balance of components through the development of a tyre profile with maximum synergy between belt and spiralled nylon.
The tread pattern ensures high resistance to aquaplaning, exceptional wet and dry grip, driving precision under acceleration, quietness and comfort. Low rolling resistance is achieved by utilising a combination of lighter, stronger materials and a high silica content tread compound.

Precise wet and dry handling

Unparalled comfort in its class

High resistance to aquaplaning

Exceptional cornering power and even wear characteristics

The ideal choice for car manufacturers, tuners and conversions

Sizes available

225/35 ZR19TL 84Y

255/35 ZR19TL 92Y

245/40 ZR19TL 98Y

255/40 ZR18TL 95Y

245/45 ZR18TL 100Y

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