Toyo 800

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The T speed-rated Toyo® 800 Ultra premium all-season touring radial delivers long tread life and excellent resistance to aquaplaning with precise handling and a quiet, comfortable ride.

It offers the industry’s first 700 UTQG treadwear rating

  • Special all-weather tread design means dependability in dry, rainy and snowy conditions.
  • Deep, open-grooves and long lateral sipes channel water away to assure excellent wet traction.
  • Special hyper-blend compound technology enhances wet and dry traction.
  • DSOC II™ Technology optimized casing design for smooth reliable ride
  • High-modulus polyester casing for a smooth, reliable ride
  • Jointless beadwire and improved bead contour provide for improved overall uniformity...a better bead to wheel fit, for an overall improvement of riding comfort.
  • Special bead fillers provide driving stability, response and durability.
  • High-tensile steel belts reinforce tread area for long wear
  • Under-base tread compound for cool running translates into long wear and durability


Treadwear 700
Traction A
Temperature B

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