Toyo Proxes S/T

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The Toyo® Proxes S/T high performance sport truck and SUV radial delivers a powerful combination of superb handling, confident all-season performance, and a smooth, stable ride.

The H and V speed rated Proxes S/T offers plus-sizing opportunities on pick-up trucks and sports utility vehicles.

  • Mud and snow (M&S) rated for all-season performance
  • High angle tread groove to resist aquaplaning
  • Low angle tread grooves excellent for wet handling
  • High ply turn-up casing construction for handling and stability
  • High bead filler for excellent steering response
  • Jointless two-cap ply for high-speed endurance.
  • Cap/base compound for high speed durability. The base compound helps the tire run cooler.
  • The cap compound provides high friction and wear resistance.
  • Rim protector to guard against wheel and sidewall damage. 
  • High tensile steel belts for ride comfort and stable ride
  • High-modulus bead filler and strong polyester casing assure responsive handling with excellent ride comfort.

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