Yokohama AS430

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ZigZag Center Rib

Enhances steering responsiveness and on-center feel while improving lateral stability.

Circumferential Straight Grooves

Maximize water evacuation to ensure tread blocks maintain firm road contact for excellent wet traction.

Cross Grooves

Combine with horizontal sipes to provide multiple biting edges that improve traction in wet, snowy and icy conditions.

Sizes available

P185/60R14 82H
P185/65R14 85H
P195/60R14 85H
P195/65R14 88H
P185/65R15 86H
P195/60R15 87H
P195/65R15 89H
P205/60R15 90H
P205/65R15 92H
P215/60R15 93H
P215/65R15 95H
P225/60R15 95H
205/40R16 83H
205/45R16 87H
P205/55R16 89V
P205/60R16 91H
P215/55R16 91V
P215/60R16 94H
 P225/50R16 91V
P225/55R16 94V
P225/60R16 97V
P245/50R16 96V
205/40R17 84H
215/40R17 87H
215/45R17 91H
P215/50R17 93V
215/55R17 94V
225/45R17 91H
225/50R17 94V
P225/55R17 95H
235/45R17 97H
P245/45R17 95H
255/40R17 94H
225/40R18 92H

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