Yokohama AVID S/T

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The wide center tread provides sure-footed rubber-to-road contact for enhanced steering response and stability.

20º V-groove tread design maximizes water drainage and minimizes noise while it delivers all-season traction.

Enhance your image and performance with Yokohama’s AVID S/T. Its aggressive tread design delivers excellent acceleration and braking power. Plus, its unique lightning bolt sidewall design and outlined raised white letters add a dynamic look to any vehicle.

Thanks to three revolutionary tread compounds, the high-traction producing rubber of the AVID S/T means longer treadwear.

Sizes available

P215/60R14 91T
P215/70R14 96T
P225/60R14 94T
P225/70R14 98T
P235/60R14 96T
P215/65R15 95T
P215/70R15 97T
P225/70R15 100T
P235/60R15 98T
P235/70R15 102T
P245/60R15 100T
P245/70R15 105T
P255/60R15 102T
P255/70R15 108T
P275/60R15 107T
P295/50R15 105T

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