Yokohama AVID SUV

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High style meets high performance. Yokohama’s AVID SUV tires are designed to enhance the handling and looks of today’s SUVs and light trucks.

Large Shoulder Blocks

These reinforced tread blocks enable maximum rubber-to-road contact for better handling.

Continuous Center Rib

The continuous center rib has been specially designed to enhance “on center” feel and high speed stability.

Four Wide Circumferential Grooves

Four wide grooves ensure efficient water evacuation and improved handling.

Staggered Block Design Multiple Cross Grooves

Tread blocks are placed at varying angles to improve lateral stability and snow traction.

Sizes available

265/50R20 111H
275/45R20 110H
275/55R20 117H
295/45R20 114H
295/50R20 118H
305/50R20 120H
265/40R22 106H
285/35R22 106H
305/40R22 114H
305/45R22 118H

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