Yokohama AVS S/T

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Unidirectional Tread Design

AVS S/T’s unique tread design allows the use of larger tread blocks to maximize high performance grip. Additionally, the unidirectional design efficiently pumps water out from under the tread to maximize wet traction.

Large Shoulder Blocks

AVS S/T’s large shoulder blocks maximize cornering grip and provide ultra-high performance handling capability.

Scalloped Shoulder

This design feature provides a sharp edge for enhanced cornering grip in wet or light off-road driving conditions.

Rim Protector Bar (RPB)

The AVS S/T features a built-in Rim Protector Bar (RPB), which offers wheel protection against potholes and curbs.

Aggressive Sidewall Design

The race-bred technology of the AVS S/T’s sidewall design advances the sport truck tire to a new high level.

Unique High Performance

The first true high performance light truck and SUV tire
Available in H- and V- speed ratings
Exotic look and performance

Sizes available

245/70R16 107H
265/70R16 112H
285/70R16 116H
225/55R17 97V
255/50R17 100V
265/60R17 108V
275/60R17 110V
285/60R17 111V
255/45R18 99V
255/55R18 105V
265/60R18 110V
285/50R18 109V
285/55R18 113V
285/60R18 116V
275/45R19 104W
285/55R19 114W
265/50R20 107W
295/45R20 110W

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