Delta4x4 Sins

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Gluttony, lust and greed, wrath, envy, sloth and pride are indeed shameful human traits that every God-fearing man would be anxious to avoid. Alas this may now prove very hard. The employees at delta4x4 believe mounting ugly wheels on a SUV is simply a disgrace hence the creation of the wickedly beautiful new „sins“ wheel. Designed and made for delta in Italy this 5 star wheel, classic in shape is available in two sizes 18x8 inch and 20x9 inch and can grace virtually all 4x4s and SUVs. This elegant alloy wheel is hyper-silver-coloured.

It goes without saying that this shamefully gorgeous wheel will inevitably arouse desperate cravings in fellow men, greed and envy will raise their evil heads.

This exclusive set of wheels (including 4 wheels, 4 tyres) is available starting from 1,797 €($2,348).

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