RO_JA R2-7

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Following on the success of the R2-5, RO_JA is proud to introduce the R2-7. Manufactured exclusively for RO_JA by RAYS Engineering, the R2-7 is a lightweight wheel featuring true two-piece construction (cast barrel, cast center). It is offered in RAYS Metal Chrome (RMC) and Carbon Black, and features RAYS new VAIO-X technology which features a stronger rim and incorporates a stainless steel lip.

Like the R2-5, the R2-7 comes in a comprehensive range of sizes and offsets, perfect for staggered fitments on high-end Japanese tuner vehicles, including the Nissan Nissan 350Z, Infiniti Infiniti G35, Acura NSX, Honda S2000, Toyota Supra, and Mitsubishi EVO VIII. The R2-7 also fits late model BMW 3-series, including the M3.

Sizes available

8.5 10X19

7.5 10X18

PCD 5X114.3, 5X120

OFFSET 15 45


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