How to buy a new car online

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You do not have to leave the comfort of your house to buy a car

As we all know, the best time to buy a car is during a rebate, and if you can convince the dealer to give up holdback, any factory to dealer incentives, drop the dealer prep, and fees. So, keep an eye out for dealer incentives, and rebates.

With online car buying site, you can now buy a car and never leave your computer to do it. With these sites, you can get new car price quotes, and then pick the best dealer. Once you have picked one dealer, with the knowledge of all the research you have done on your car, start to negotiate online. Sometime you will get a better deal than if you went to the dealer personally.

How does car online pricing work?

Well to start buying a car online is a free service. With services like,, Invoicedealers,, Edmunds, and, you can buy cars online with a discount-selling price through a network of 6,000 or more dealers. Dealers that participate with these sites get referral from free online request forms that car buyers submit, this is why they give a better price. These sites can get you a better deal when they connect you with a noncommissioned personal, or internet manager. 

It is important to know that quotes are different in each car-buying site. Cars that are hard to get possibly might not have much of a discount. It is important to spend some time finding different quotes, these quotes is what will help you negotiate with the dealer. Remember if you go to the dealer to negotiate, bring a print out of several quotes.

If you want to buy a Ford:

The best online car-buying site for Ford cars is This site lets you find any Ford car, search the local dealer inventory, create a price for your car, and request a price quote from your local Ford dealer.

 CarsDirect:Sites that sell cars directly to you AND list your low buying price online: is the best direct car buying site you can use. With this site you buy the cars directly from them. What is cool about them is that they instantly list your price online, which often times are better than the dealer’s prices. Buying a car online is scary, but don’t worry CarsDirect is safe and secure they are honest, and keep your private information safe.

When you have bought your car you pick it up at a partner dealer, your paperwork is done in less than half hour. You don’t have to deal with the dealers hassling you. You basically walk-in and walk out with your new car. Many people have positive things to say about cars direct, some may even say, “it’s the best way to buy a car.”


You may search for Nexuss International. They have lots of cars with good quality and precision. They also provides the most secured buying services to worldwide customers in very competitive prices.

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