New car financing know how

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Where can I get new car dealer invoice prices, new car rebates, and incentives?

The best place is to go online at They give you all that information and more. They will show you negotiation tactics, and the latest sales figures. Other websites like the Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds can help you find dealer incentives. Try different sites and use the one you feel is more accurate.

New car financing know how

You don’t know your credit score?

Not knowing your credit when walking into a car dealer is not a wise decision to make. Before you go to the dealer make sure you have a copy of your credit report.

Online Sites to Get Your Credit Report:

• this web site is where most of the creditors get your credit report from. The good thing about this is you are able to see what the creditor sees on your credit report.

• is a great site to get your credit report online. It is an easy to use web site, and can get your credit report in about 30 seconds. If you have recently moved or typed in the wrong information, they take a week, because they mail it to you instead.

• this site lists your credit report online. You also have the option of having them mail to you a merged credit report from all three credit bureaus.

Make sure that if you had a salary increase it is noted on your credit report. Unfortunately all dealers know that almost everyone has a bad mark on their credit report, and they look for it and use it against you when they find it. If you find any errors on your credit report, try to fix them before you go to the dealer. For this reason, it is important to get your credit report before the dealer finds any mistakes that you could have fixed.

New car financing know how

Knowing your credit is the most important key in buying or even leasing a car. Credit reports is what controls how high or low your interest rate will be. Its important to know more about it than the dealer.


At least this article didn’t completely slam us car dealerships like most will. It’s true that quite a lot of bad apples are ruining the business for the few of us out there that are honestly trying to help folks out and give them a good deal. To all you shoppers out there — find a dealer you can completely trust!

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