The benefits of Nitrogen in tires

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For over 30 years the concept of nitrogen in tires has been known the tire industry, specifically in high tech sectors such as Formula 1 racing cars, aerospace, and commercial and military aircrafts. Now nitrogen in tires is becoming a popular replacement for standard air.

The benefits of Nitrogen in tires

Using the latest advancements in air separation technology, nitrogen is extracted from the regular everyday air that we breathe. The air we breathe is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen and a few other lesser gasses, because of that nitrogen tires are beneficial for the consumer and the environment.
The benefits of Nitrogen in tires

What are the benefits of nitrogen tires?

When using nitrogen in tire, improvements can be seen in the car’s handling, efficiency of fuel and the life of the tire.

Nitrogen is denser than oxygen, which means that the larger molecules in nitrogen do not escape as easily from tires. Causing the tires that are inflated with nitrogen to have gradual loss of pressure over time. According to the Michelin Tire Manual, a tire that is inflated with nitrogen loses its pressure 3 times slower than if it were inflated with air. Nitrogen reduces the internal oxidation of the tire so that retreads could be achieved.

The benefits of Nitrogen in tires

According to the Goodyear application bulletin, nitrogen tires require less maintenance.

It also provides a longer tire life, because nitrogen cooler than oxygen.

The use of nitrogen in tires can also reduce valve and wheel corrosion, because it is moisture free. Your tires also experience less steel belt and rubber degradation.

The risk of explosion is less because it is non-flammable. Due to under-inflation, nitrogen could reduce fuel loss, and as a result cause less pollution.

How much does it cost to put nitrogen in tires?

It all depends on the tire dealer. Many tire dealers choose to combine nitrogen with other services, which makes the cost per tire more expensive. While some charge less or even nothing, if you purchase tires from them. The average cost to fill a tire can vary depending on several variables such as tire size and pressure. They could cost anywhere from $3 to $10 per tire.

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