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car commercials

  Car commercials can be boring as hell but some still worth the time. Check especially the commercials from exotic car makers such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche

Most of us spend a lifetime trying to do some of the most breathtaking activities in this world. The Chevrolet Sonic managed to do all of those things in a span of a minute.

Editing notwithstanding, Chevrolet’s new Super Bowl commercial for the Sonic reads like a bucket list for a lot of people. There’s the sight of the Sonic doing a kick flip skateboard trick with Rob Dyrdek. The Sonic also went bungee jumping, sky diving, and yes, even star in a music video with OK GO. The only thing it didn’t do was get strapped into a spaceship and fly - literally - out of this world, which it probably could’ve done if Chevy had a bigger budget for this ad.

The whole idea behind this ad is to live life with no limits, something the Sonic exudes in its tiny compact frame.

It doesn’t come with the comedy of Audi and Hyundai, although when you look at the inspiration scale, Chevy’s Super Bowl commercial for the Sonic is right at the top of that.

You have to give credit to Toyota for bringing to the market another good looking Toyota Camry; The new model look sportier than ever. To celebrate the new car, Toyota is releasing a trendy Superbowl commercial featuring some good fun. The best selling sedan, known for its bullet proof reliability is turning cops into massage therapist and couch into supermodel wearing bikinis. We would’ve liked to see a bit more of the car itself but check it out and tweet away on the special #reinvented hashtag, made specially for the new Camry’s rejuvenated, or shall we say, reinvented campaign.

Check out after the jump our favorite Camry commercial, praising the muscle power coming out of their V6.

Whereas other car companies are making do with creative Super Bowl commercials, Honda is doing it with a lot of star power. We’ve seen Matthew Broderick bring his Ferris Bueller role back to life for the Honda CR-V and now, Honda’s sister company, Acura, has upped the ante with Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno.

Granted, the car being featured in the ad - the new NSX - is being touted as the next great Japanese sports car so it figures that Acura would go all out in promoting the car during the Super Bowl.

In the ad, Jerry Seinfeld goes through extreme lengths to convince the one guy that’s going to get the NSX before him to switch places with him. He brings him an alien in a body bag, he does a stand-up routine over a family dinner, and he even brings back the last "supposedly dead" munchkin to life.

And just when he thought that he had finally convinced the guy to hand over the number 1 spot, Jay Leno comes from out of nowhere riding a jet pack and promising a flight from New York to LA in just 20 minutes.

Tough luck, Jerry Seinfeld.

Source: Acura

When this Matthew Broderick teaser first surfaced last week, speculation ran rampant that there was a Ferris Bueller movie in the works. If you were one of those people that thought the same thing, you’re both right and wrong on that one.

First of all, there’s no Ferris Bueller movie currently in development, but there’s this Super Bowl commercial from Honda that brings "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off" back to life.

Some of you might be too young to remember the movie and the success it generated in the box office, but for those that remember Bueller’s clever attempts at skipping school and spending the entire day in Chicago just having some fun, then you’ll certainly notice all the movie references made in the two-and-a-half minute commercial where Broderick plays himself and decides to skip a movie shoot just so he could enjoy his all-new Honda CR-V .

Charming as the ad is on a lot of fronts, it does cast a generational tone to it, especially for those that never got the chance to see the movie and won’t understand what the big deal is all about.

Source: Honda

Cadillac’s reinvention as a brand that has set its sights on its German rivals hasn’t gone unnoticed in these pages. But if there are still those that doubt Caddy’s new direction and the aggressive manner in which they’re pursuing it, well, the American automaker has a nice little message for you that it’s showing through their new Super Bowl ad.

One of Caddy’s new models is the all-new ATS sedan , a car that it painstakingly built from the ground up to be the kind of model that can bring the fight to its German counterparts, particularly that of the BMW 3-Series. Cadillac is not one to shy away from a boast too, and they do that every time chance they get with the ATS and the fact that the car’s dynamics and development were honed and fine-tuned in one of the world’s most demanding testing grounds, the Nurburgring, or as it’s affectionately called, the "Green Hell."

In the commercial, Cadillac puts one and one together, highlighting the ATS sedan and the fact that it’s got some Green Hell initiation to be proud of. And if there’s anyone that will tell you Caddy can’t beat the BMWs of the world?

Well, they have a short reply for that: "Go to [Green] Hell."

With all due respect to Audi’s "Vampires" commercial for the S7 , the early favorite for funniest auto Super Bowl commercial now belongs to Hyundai and their new ad for the Veloster Turbo .

Titled "Cheetah," the ad features the Veloster Turbo preparing to race a cheetah, considered the fastest animal in the world with a 0-60 mph time of just three seconds. But, apparently there are still some cars that the cheetah can’t outrun and in this particular commercial, it’s the 201-horsepower Veloster Turbo.

As soon as the cheetah realizes that outrunning the Veloster Turbo wasn’t an option, it turns its attention towards its handler. Apparently, the nimble feline wasn’t too enthralled with its handler’s attempt to have it race against the high-powered Hyundai sports hatch.

So as a way of "paying back" the handler’s lack of foresight, the jungle cat decided to chase the dude and jump on him, doing so amidst all the girlish shrieks coming from the petrified handler.

Check out the commercial and prepare to laugh out loud. Repeatedly.

Source: Hyundai

Hyundai is putting their whole factory personnel back at the promotional work in this new Superbowl commercial. If you remember they already had a quite successful factory commercial back in 2010, see that one after the jump. In this new attempt, Hyundai combines the latest trend/frenzy of acapella singing with the very patriotic Rocky theme song. In order to grasp the full idea behind the commercial, you have to understand that Hyundai produce most of their US vehicles in their ultra modern factory located in Montgomery Alabama...in the USA. So this is a little reminder that Hyundai is building their car in the USA and in good American spirit nonetheless. We are not sure about the tag line coming along the commercial, "There’s always a way. That’s just our way", but we like the commercial.

Source: Hyundai.com

We all know that vampires have many perceived weaknesses. There’s garlic, crucifixes, and apparently, you can add the Audi S7 ’s LED headlights to that list.

Audi’s highly-anticipated S7 commercial has finally been revealed and we’ll be the first to tell you that the wait and anticipation was definitely worth it. In what could be this year’s version of "Little Darth Vader", Audi went to a popular pop culture subject these days, featuring vampires in the Twilight mold for the commercial.

One of the vampires is bringing a bag full of blood to a camp party - that’s their version of beer! - while driving an Audi S7. As soon as he gets to the site, all the vamps looking in the direction of the S7 were instantly incinerated by the luxury car’s ridiculously bright LED headlights. Heck, even the clueless driver who was wondering where his buddies went, fell to looking at the S7 and getting fried to bits himself.

Pretty hilarious commercial and an early contender for the best auto ad for this year’s Superbowl.

Check it out!

Source: Audi

Anybody that bothered watching last year’s Super Bowl will surely remember Volkswagen’s "Little Vader" commercial, arguably the most popular TVC to be shown during the Big Game.

This year, Volkswagen is returning to the Super Bowl and they’re bringing back the Star Wars theme, with one minor caveat. Instead of Little Vader, VW’s new Super Bowl ad will center around a pack of dogs all barking the Star Wars’ official theme music. Some of the dogs even got to wear Star Wars costumes, including Hans Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and yes, even an Ewok.

The 60-second teaser is only a sample of what Volkswagen has in store for the Super Bowl. Considering that they stole the show with last year’s "Little Vader" commercial, they’ve got some pretty high standards to live up to if they have any intentions of capturing the audience the way Lil’ Vader did.

Source: Volkswagen

Lexus has high hopes for 2012 after what can only be described as a sub-par 2011. So with a new year full of hope and high expectations, Lexus is kicking off 2012 with a bang with their very first Super Bowl commercial.

“This is a big year for Lexus as we introduce nine new or updated models, and the Super Bowl provides us with an equally big opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience of 50 million people,” said Brian Smith, Lexus Vice President of Marketing.

The Toyota-owned automaker is due to run a 30-second commercial in the first quarter of the Big Game and considering that its Lexus’ very first attempt at a Super Bowl spot, you better believe that they’re setting everything up by introducing a 15-second teaser of their 30-second commercial.

Only during the Super Bowl will you see a teaser of a commercial.

According to Smith: “The star of our commercial is the all-new 2013 GS which launches in February and kicks off a pivotal era for the Lexus brand. The spot also will convey that even more products are waiting in the wings and are anxious to hit the road.”

Check out the teaser video of Lexus’ first Super Bowl ad before the full 30-seconder is unveiled on February 5, 2012.

Source: Lexus

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