car crash

car crash

  Car Crashes, always fun to watch, and a good reality call for all of us who love speed. Keep the road safe.

We all agree that the chance to see a Ferrari 458 Italia on the road next to you is pretty rare, but the guy who shot this video was even "luckier." He caught a 458 Italia indeed, but he saw something more!

He passed the Ferrari and, as you can imagine, the driver wasn’t very happy about it. The 458 Italia driver tried to push it on slippery roads, and lost control of his precious 458, smashing it into a wall in the process. The bad news is that the car suffered serious damages, but, as we can tell from the video, it looks like the driver was ok besides a bruised ego and a lighter wallet.

As a reminder, the 458 Italia is powered by a 4.5-liter V-8 engine that delivers a total of 570 horsepower and it hits 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds.

Trying to stop a Range Rover driving at a speed of 150 km/h (93 mph) is not always a good move. Three French police officers have learned it in the most tragic way, as two of them - age 32 and 40 - were killed and the third one, aged 54, was seriously injured.

First details suggest that the police officers were chasing the Range Rover for multiple infractions of the road. The police car - a Ford Mondeo - tried to block the SUV, which apparently had no intention to stop and the impact was of a "rare violence."

The Range Rover driver - age 22 - has a pretty hefty criminal record, as he was involved multiple small thefts and drug trafficking, and was arrested five times for driving offenses. Initial reports suggest that during this incident he was under influence and medical reports revealed 1.4 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, while the limit is 0.5 grams / liter of blood. He was also without driving license.

A tragic incident happened yesterday at the Las Vegas Strip when a gunmen started to fire from a Range Rover into a Maserati and caused a terrific crash. The driver of the Maserati was shot, lost control of his car and smashed into a taxi. The taxi exploded into flames, killing the driver and a passenger.

The gunfire and the collision caused another four vehicles to crash and at least four people were injured, including the passenger in the Maserati. The police offered no details on the people hurt in the incident, but they identified the driver of the Maserati as aspiring rapper Kenneth Cherry Jr. — known to the hip-hop world as Kenny Clutch. In his YouTube video he appears rapping from a silver Maserati while cruising the Las Vegas Strip.

According to sources close to the situation, Cherry was killed in the crash, but the police still have not confirmed his death.

One of the witnesses of the incident said after the crash: "There was a loud bang and I hear two other booms. I looked out my window at Caesars Palace ... and could see the fireball."

The incident happened in the same zone where Tupac Shakur was shot on September 7, 1996, while riding in a BMW with Death Row Records co-founder Marion "Suge" Knight.

Source: Reuters

Part of what makes the “Die Hard” franchise so enduring is the way Bruce Willis somehow manages to skirt death in the nuttiest ways possible. We can’t tell you how many times this dude should’ve died in any of the first four movies, but somehow, he always lives to see another day.

For the fifth movie of the franchise, called "A Good Day to Die Hard", director John Moore decided to put his Michael Bay hat to good use by destroying a staggering total of cars. "There were 132 (cars) that could never be used again," he told USA Today.

"Another 518 required a lot of work. And damn right there were some good cars there. ... That’s the fun of it."

Moore goes on to say that all 132 destroyed cars - one of which was a Lamborghini - were used in just one scene, a mind-blowing sequence that ended up costing production $11 million. Incredibly, that $11 million doesn’t even include the slew of Mercedes G-Class SUVs that were donated to the film by the German automaker. And yes, those vehicles were wrecked too, as you can see in the video above.

But that’s not even the most unbelievable part because somehow, someway, John McClane lived through all that carnage, too.

We’re still waiting for the movie where McClane finally lives up to the franchise’s title and ’die hard’.

Source: USA Today

Just like most hyped-up sports cars and supercars, the first reported crash of said car is always a big deal, as it inevitably shoves the poor driver into supercar in infamy.

The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is one such car and as fate would have it, and it didn’t take long for the first reported crash of the Stingray to make the news.

According to the folks over at Digital Corvettes, the crash took place somewhere in Arizona after the driver of the Corvette Stingray lost control of the sports car, sending it careening into a guardrail before "bouncing back to the rocks" as the image shows.

From what people in forum have said, the crash happened in a section of road with tight switchbacks that seems to suggest that the Corvette could’ve been running faster than it should for the driver to lose control. The photo of the Corvette Stingray makes it look like it got dinged up pretty bad, but forum poster, gpetry, said that the car was in worse shape than the photo suggests.

Tough luck for the driver and worse for the not-yet-released Corvette Stingray. We’re just hoping nobody was seriously hurt from this crash.

Credit to "gpetry" for the photo

You may have seen an amateur video of this helicopter crash back in May of last year, but what we saw before pales in comparison to the ones that were captured by the actual cameras filming the first episode of Top Gear Korea.

During the filming of a segment involving a race between a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and an AH1 Helicopter, the pilot manning the controls of the latter somehow loses control of his ride. It ends up careening straight into the ground in a spectacular crash that was caught live on camera by the Top Gear crew.

While we’re thankful that the pilot escaped the nightmarish experience without any injuries, we’re wondering why the scene looks to have made it to the first episode of the show.

We’re all for hyping up a show the best way you can, but not at the expense of someone losing his life.

McLaren F1

There are a handful of cars that cost over $1 million. However, for repairs for a car to hit seven figures, well, that’s unheard of…

Not anymore, apparently.

Rowan Atkinson’s McLaren F1 , which was destroyed during an accident that occurred back in August 2011, is now up and running again. Now, repairing a totally mangled supercar of the stature of the McLaren F1 takes a pretty long time, as McLaren engineers will attest after spending more than a year restoring the car to run again. With that much time spent on just putting the car back together, costs for the repair eventually ran up to the tune of £910,000 ($1.44 million).

That figure is even more remarkable considering that it’s three times as expensive as any other repair claim that has been documented in the UK. Just a hunch: Mr. Atkinson’s insurance company will no doubt raise his insurance rates after this deal – whether they paid for it or not.

Granted, it’s a McLaren F1. But still, $1 million for repairing a car is just absurd.

Note: Photo above is not Rowan Atkinson’s restored McLaren F1

Source: Metro UK

During this weekend, Chris Brown was involved in a pretty serious incident. According to the first statement he offered to the police, he was on his way to a charity event when he was cut off by two paparazzi cars. The men from the two cars jumped of the cars with cameras in their hands and approached Brown’s car in "an aggressive way."

Trying to escape from this situation, Brown backed down an alley, and because two additional paparazzi cars cut him off, he lost control of his car and crashed into a wall. According to police reports the incident occurred in the 600 Block Bedford Drive/Camden Drive alley at about 12:30 p.m.

Luckily for Brown, he was not hurt in the incident, but we cannot say the same about his car - a Porsche Turbo S - which he requested to be towed from the scene.

We don’t know what you think, but we see a big lawsuit against those paparazzi, and for sure they will need to pay more than the car’s repair.

Source: TMZ

Like it or not, everyone that has ever raced a car eventually has the unpleasant experience of crashing. But what happens when such an accident occurs during a test drive on a famous race track like the Nürburgring Nordschleife?

We are not very sure about the legal involvements, but we are pretty sure the best crashes will make it online for everyone to see them. Just like this video which features a compilation of the "best" Nürburgring Nordschleife crashes of 2012.

The video presents the drivers and riders that experienced the Nürburgring the hard way during 2012, but, fortunately, it looks like no one was hurt during those incidents. So, we guess that the absence of a speed limit can be attractive and dangerous for people that don’t know their limits.

Check out the video and enjoy this video maker’s favorite crashes. Keep in mind that these are not necessarily TopSpeed’s favorite crashes, as this CR-V is definitely near the top of our list for 2012, but it’s nowhere to be found in this video…

This video, or pair of videos, just goes to show the thrills and perils of getting involved in drag racing, especially when you have a 2013 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet that’s just itching to pounce off of that starting line.

The muscle car flexes its insane muscles in the beginning, performing a scintillating wheelie as soon as the lights drops to green. After that visual spectacle of power, the driver suddenly loses control of the Mustang Cobra Jet, sending it careening into the barricades of the Cecil County Dragway in Northeast Maryland.

The ABM Nationals was the scene of the wheelie turned crash and fortunately for the driver of the Mustang Cobra Jet, the resulting chaos didn’t come with any injuries for him. We can’t say so much for the Mustang, as it took some serious damage.

Check out the video of the wheelie and crash from inside the Mustang Cobra Jet after the jump.

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