car gift ideas

car gift ideas

  Car Gift Ideas for all Motorheads out there

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We’ve wanted to start the year with something very cool: a coffee machine inspired by the engine of a Formula 1 car. Called Espresso Veloce Serie Titanio V12, the new coffee machine is made from race-ready materials like titanium, aluminum and stainless steel. The V12 coffee machine will be limited to only 500 units and is priced at about $16,500. Next to the V12 version, the guys over Espresso Veloce are also offering a V8 and a V10 engine, plus a Serie Carbonio Nero black carbon-fiber version for all three of them.

The new coffee machine is made from more than 90 precision components machined from solid billets, while the "exhaust pipes" are made from titanium and deliver the coffee into stainless steel ’piston’ cups’. What’s even cooler is that the tips are blued with heat - just like you see on the racing car’s exhaust systems. All the other elements of the coffee machine are made using high-grade aerospace alloys, similar to those used in contemporary Grand Prix engines.

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A Bugatti Veyron that’s priced at close to $2 million is an understandable amount given the level of luxury, performance, and technology put into the supercar. But a Bugatti belt that costs $84,000?

Seems like a tad too expensive, right?

Yet that’s exactly the amount Bugatti is charging for this fashion accessory. In fairness to Bugatti, the belt does come with some nifty technological workings, particularly the use of equipment normally reserved for Swiss matches as integral components of its mechanism. On top of that, it’s been finished in three different, albeit all expensive finishes: white gold, rose gold, and a still-to-be-determined third series run.

The belt also has smoked sapphire crystals and over 100 handcrafted parts made from stainless steel, solid gold, and titanium. Needless to say, a ton of work was done by Roland Iten to turn this belt into a true showcase piece of wealth and deep pockets.

There are only 44 units available, although at the cost of one, we doubt if these belts will sell like ice cream on a hot summer day.

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Source: Forbes
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Ford Evos Santa Sleigh Concept

Lets face it, for Christmas we would like nothing more than a a house in the Hamptons, a trip around the world — or more recently to the moon — one of the most expensive car in the world or a large sack stuffed with $100 bills. But lets face it, the economy has hit Santa pretty hard this year, so we had to make some mild revisions to our Christmas list.

This doesn’t mean that we asked for nothing but socks this year, as we still think Saint Nick’s pockets are deep enough for a supercar or two. Being car addicts, there are many gifts to shoose from: an all-new gaming console , a new racing game, a car-themed chair or anything else inspired by the automotive world.

Only the sky is the limit!

With Christmas just a few days away, we though it was appropriate to release our 10-item list, and give Santa the weekend to get it all together.

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If you happen to be browsing the Internet for the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones and would like to have good laugh doing so, why not read on to find out the most ludicrously expensive holiday gifts that you can buy these days. These are hand-picked, official merchandise put up for sale by world-famous car brands, like Ferrari , Lamborghini , Aston Martin , and others.

Very few among us could actually afford them, and if you are a sort of person who would not mind spending a thousand dollars on some carbon-fiber origami, we have provided direct links to the website to help you out with your shopping.

Before you click past the jump to read more about these uber-expensive items, we would like to wish all of you an early Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year.

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The holiday season is here and just to help you out with some gift ideas, here’s one special collector’s model that you might want to get for someone. It is a 1/12-scale Lamborghini Countach model built by the Japanese company Goodsmile. In total, this model is 345 mm (13.6 inches) long, 157.7 mm (6.2 inches) wide and 89 mm (3.5 inches) tall.

There’s no denying the fact that enthusiasts love to collect scale models of classics , as well as modern cars. There are quite a few brands that make detailed works of art and the one from Goodsmile doesn’t come cheap.

This Lamborghini Countach LP400 in 1/12 scale will set you back ¥120,000, which is about $1200 at the current rates. Yes, that’s a lot but if you look closely, the cars are built with utmost attention to detail. Goodsmile actually scanned the full-size car, using modern 3D scanning techniques to achieve this sort of perfection. Each of the 500 parts are meticulously die-cast, or formed in ABS or resin to give it the perfect shape and size. The models are so perfect that not even an inch of deviation is spared.

The classic scissor doors swivel up to reveal the supercar ’s uber-cool interior. The engine bay door also opens, so that one can glance at the glorious V-12 engine that resides beneath. The cabin light turns on when the doors are swung open, headlights popup and instrument panel glows much like the real thing. The tires are hollow so that the weight of the car squashes them against the ground surface giving it a more authentic look. Rounding out this realistic model are wheels that you can remove and bolt back with a specially provided tool. Now, that’s really cool!

The unfortunate thing is that the models will not be ready for shipping until October 2014, so you will have to wrap up a picture of the model this Christmas and tell the receiver that it will arrive in about a year’s time. Alternatively, this could be an early idea for next Christmas.

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Source: Goodsmile

Just in time for the holidays, Mercedes tuner extraordinaire, Carlsson , is offering a select few customers a chance to own a limited-edition timepiece. Called the SLK 340 chronograph, the same name of the one-off competition car built by Carlsson and presented at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, the 99-piece chronograph features a decadent of luxurious pieces befitting its exclusive label.

The watch comes with an ionized matte-black stainless-steel bracelet that features two contrasting gloss-black link highlights. One look at the face and you’ll instantly be reminded of its motorsports inspiration, further emphasized by a red second hand, subsidiary dials, and luminous points and hands, making for an ideal watch to have in your wrist when in the dark.

The tachymeter scale on the bezel and the date display enhance the versatile appeal of the watch while the 45 mm diameter case was machined from stainless steel and treated with the same durable ionized matte-black finish of the stainless steel bracelet.

As was mentioned, the Carlsson SLK 340 chronograph is limited to only 99 units at &euro299 a pop, which is a little over $400 based on current exchange rates.

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Source: Carlsson
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We know Christmas is still about one month away, but for those of you who want to have the gifts ready for the holiday, we have a very cool suggestion. This gift idea comes from Poland and we have to admit is one of the coolest yet.

We are talking about a special desk that features the front of a Lamborghini Murcielago . The desk developer says that it uses only original Italian pieces, but the fact we see no logo on the front of the car make us wonder if they are being honest or not.

All legitimacy aside, this orange desk could be the perfect gift for any car enthusiast out there, with, or without original parts. All you need is a total of $11,140, and the desk can be all yours. We’re wonder if this desk will help you finish your work as quickly as the Murcielago sprinted to 60 mph — about 3.4 seconds in its final production year.

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Here we are: Black Friday. After a day of giving thanks and stuffing our faces, we all rush out to the closest big box store it stand in line for hours, hoping to get that $100, 32-inch LED TV. Well, TechArt has something for you, if you happen to be shopping for a car nut.

This is the tuner’s 2014 wall calendar with its best body kits developed over the past year. Sure, it’s not a crazy-expensive or luxurious gift, but it is a great filler and would likely be the most-used gift over the course of the next 12 months.

The calendar is printed on high-quality 250 g/m2 art print paper and measures 50-by-70 cm (19.6 x 27.5 inches). Each picture is protected by a glossy protective varnish, that will prevent it from discoloration and fading.

The calendar is limited to only 1,500 units, so if you are interested you better hurry up. You can pick one up for €29.80 — about $40 — and shipping is not included. Deliveries will begin in early December.

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Here at TopSpeed, we give you the rundown on some pretty expensive equipment. Whether it is a Ferrari , Maserati , Ford or Fiat , all these things cost money. We know caring for that new rig can be nerve-racking with all the rogue shopping carts and distracted drivers looming inches away – not to mention the jealous thieves who’d love to help themselves to your new 911 .

That’s why our eyes popped wide when we saw the latest product from Globalstar, Inc.: the SPOT Trace. It’s a GPS-based tracking device wrapped in a small but tough box designed to be hidden within anything valuable, like a car, ATV, motorcycle or boat.

The SPOT Trace uses GPS signals to monitor any movement, even down to vibrations, of whatever the device is secured to. Any movement can be automatically sent to a cell phone, via email or text message, to alert of possible theft. The SPOT Trace also has a dock mode for monitoring boats moored in harbor.

Users can set their preferences to receive updates in 2.5, 5, 10, 30, or 60-minute intervals. They can also view their asset’s location 24/7 in real time on Google Maps. Even if the thief tries to flee internationally, the GPS tracker will follow the SPOT Trace almost anywhere in the world. And with an 18-month battery life, the thief’s chances of keeping his loot are dramatically slim.

Perhaps the SPOT Trace’s best feature is its affordability. The unit itself only runs $99 and the yearly GPS subscription costs the same. A hundred bucks seems like a real bargain for some peace of mind knowing that your $100,000 Porsche or $1.5 million yacht is right where you parked it.

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For a lot of cars, sales are the ultimate form of vindication. Others prefer being awarded with five-star safety ratings.

For the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray , it’s a combination of all of those things...and then some.

Recently, the new Corvette was bestowed an honor not a lot of cars can lay claim to and in the process, joins the Toyota Prius in that acclaim. See, the mighty Corvette Stingray, in all of its awesomeness, has been immortalized as a Monopoly token.

The Corvette Stingray token will appear in the new Monopoly Empire game, a shorter edition of the iconic capitalist-driven board game that replaces real estate with actual pop culture brands. In addition to the use of the Corvette Stingray token, other tokens that are available in Monopoly Empire include a McDonalds french fries, an Xbox controller, a Paramount clapboard, a Coke bottle, and what looks like a Ducati motorbike.

Pretty esteemed company for the Corvette Stingray to be a part of, huh?

A roster of popular brands litter the board game, taking the place of all those addresses that we’ve all become accustomed to. Yahoo! is in it, as are Beats Audio, Samsung, eBay, Jet Blue, and a host of other brands a lot of us are familiar with.

And in case anybody wants to play Monopoly Empire with us, we’re calling dibs on the Corvette Stingray token as early as now.

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