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There’s no mistaking that Lamborghini hit a home run with its latest supercar, the Aventador , but for all of the unmistakable epic-ness of this Italian beast, there’s still some way that you can make it better. has the answer: Have a hot woman pose with the Aventador. One of their models, the voluptuous Sharon, takes center stage with the Italian supercar. And she did a remarkable job by taking the Aventador and matching its appeal in the photos, if we do say so ourselves.

Really, check out some of them and tell us you noticed the Aventador before you noticed Sharon’s...assets. It’s hard to admit, we know, but it’s something that we definitely understand.

After all, you put a face and body like that and it’s hard to take your eyes off of it.

Check out the gallery of Sharon and the Lamborghini Aventador in the gallery section below!


By all accounts, Caitlin Hixx looks like a nice, smart girl who’s got a good head on her shoulders. We get all that, but there’s one thing that we just can’t seem to let go. This blonde is so hot it hurts us to even type these words.

When you put her on top of a hood of a Ferrari 599 , then all bets are off. We’re throwing ourselves over a bridge.

But before we actually consider that, it’s important to show that on top of the 599, Hixx is also shown playing around with an equally hot Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spyder 16M.

Give the props to professional photographer Nino Batista for being able to capture these images like only he can.

Nino wants to provide us with photos of hot women with hot cars. In this instance, he really smacked one out of the park. Check out the gallery featuring Catie Hixx and the pair of Ferraris below.

Source: Nino Batista

At one point in time, just about every living man in the world had Pamela Anderson on their minds. Now that she’s up in her years, the former Baywatch babe is still a sight to behold.

Earlier this year, Anderson showed why she’s still beloved by auto nuts when she made an appearance at the 2012 Top Marques Monaco show arm-in-arm with no less than Gemballa CEO Andreas Schwarz.

Needless to say, Anderson was impressed with the decidedly German style of Gemballa, even going as far as to say that the noted aftermarket company really made quite an impression on her.

It’s easy to see why Anderson loves Gemballa because her reasons for doing so are the same as ours. The German tuner is one of the best in the business and they have a track record for producing some of the most impressive tuning programs.

The Gemballa attraction is undeniable and Anderson found out first hand that the German tuner has what it takes to bring her claws out. Rawr!

It’s a tradition that goes back as far as cutting out pumpkins during Halloween or cooking turkey during Thanksgiving. Ok, maybe it doesn’t go back that far in the past, but the tradition of having auto shows and bringing in smoking hot girls to add to the attraction isn’t anything new.

Recently, the SoCal Custom show was held and to no one’s surprise, it came with about as many hot girls as you can find in one location. Sure, the custom vehicles are the unquestioned stars of the show, but don’t tell us these vivacious vixens didn’t steal a glance or two - or even 100 - from those in attendance.

Make no mistake; the cars that were showed off at the show are of the luxury and beautiful variety, but these ladies...we definitely wouldn’t mind checking them out in these photos either. To get a closer look on these sassy sirens along with those custom vehicles, check out the gallery below.

How hard must it be to be driving around the desert and you chance upon a photo shoot featuring the iconic 1999 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale and a stunning model dressed like she’s going to a cocktail party. Sure, that sight could very well be a mirage playing tricks on your mind, but in this case, it’s all too real.

From the professional lens of ItzKirb Photography comes this awesome set of photos featuring one of the most legendary modern-day Ferraris with the hot lady with a smile that could melt a popsicle in the wintertime.

While the identity of the woman wasn’t divulged, it’s not that hard to paint a picture of this black-haired vixen playing around with an Italian supercar that looks like its enjoying her company.

Enjoy the gallery from ItzKirb photography below and be sure to keep a close eye out on some of his other works in our ensuing posts.

Don’t ever make the mistake of describing the Ferrari F40 as a relic supercar. Sure, it’s been around longer than some of us have been alive, but the F40 is considered one of the most iconic Ferrari exotics in the world.

It is powered by a 2,936cc twin turbocharged, alloy 90° V8 putting out an astonishing 478bhp at 7000rpm and 424 lb-ft of torque at 4500rpm. This engine is combined with dual overhead cams controlling four valves per cylinder, a dry sump lubrication system, separate electronic ignition and fuel injection systems for each bank of cylinders, and a Weber-Marelli engine control system. It is mated to a fully synchronised 5-speed manual system with hydraulically actuated single-plate clutch.

The F40 is one of those supercars that can definitely stand on its own in a photoshoot, but photographer ItzKirb doesn’t roll that way. Where there is an exotic in his eyes, there has to be a beautiful women just right beside it.

So there she is, the lovely Hope, a woman with a body that would make men weep. She’s got a cute face too so that’s an added delight. Put her in a photo with a car like the F40 and you’re bound to get a lot of drool in whoever’s using what computer to check out these photos.

Don’t miss out on this saucy photoshoot because you’re going to regret it if you do.

What’s better than one Italian thoroughbred? We know the answer to that one. Two!

But what’s better than two Italian thoroughbreds? A little tricky, but if you’re answer involves the names Heather Doss and Ashley Valderrama, then you get the jackpot!

So here’s where we’re at: it’s a photoshoot that has a Ferrari 360 and a Maserati GranTurismo . On top of that, we have a pair of too-hot-for-words models in the form of Heather Doss and Ashley Valderrama.

It doesn’t even matter where this shoot took place - apparently, it’s somewhere in the US - what’s important is that this intoxicating combination of Italian exotics and American sexiness is in full display with plenty of amazing photos, thanks to Itzkirb Photography.

Check out the gallery below and try to figure how Itzkirb Photography managed to fit all these pieces of hotness into a steamy batch of photos. Here’s a suggestion, though: don’t over think it and just enjoy the spread.

That’s what we did.

The 2012 Geneva Motor Show that occurred earlier this year was chalk full of concepts, world debuts, and aftermarket programs.

What it also had was ladies, and a lot of beautiful ones at that. Renowned automotive photographer Sam Moores was on hand in Geneva and true to his reputation as one of the industry’s best, Moores was able to capture some of the most beautiful women you can find in that side of the world.

It surely didn’t hurt that these women were often found with a car by their side so it was really like hitting two birds with one stone. But in this page, we’re going to step away from the cars themselves and pay homage to the drop-dead gorgeous vixens that were caressing them. Be it brunettes, blondes, cuties, or hotties, this gallery has some of the finest faces from this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

All from the lens of Sam Moores.

Source: Sam Moores

When you have the gift of capturing images through a camera lens, it’s something that you can make a good living doing. Nino Batista is one of those people with that particular set of skills and to our good fortune, he’s taken his talents into the world of auto photography.

One of his newest photo sets features sexy hottie, Sophia Michaelson, but it’s not just this long-legged brunette that got our attention. Batista also managed to gather some of the finest exotics in the land to be part of the photo shoot.

There’s a Porsche Carrera GT in there, as well as a modified Porsche GT3 , a Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spyder 16M , and yes, even a Maserati Cambiocorsa Spyder GT. Somehow, we couldn’t escape the idea of having one girl flirting with all these supercars.

Makes us think that we probably should be in there too, only because we think Sophia’s getting too cold wearing that skimpy bikini. Then again, if we can’t make it in the photos, we’re perfectly fine staring at them.

Check out Nino Batista’s spread of Sophia Michaelson in the gallery below!

Source: Nino Batista

Earlier this year, Frizzi Arnold won the tenth annual Miss Tuning beauty pageant at Tuning World Bodensee, earning herself the right to be called the new official representative of the tuning industry in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Now, she’s reaping the rewards of being named Miss Tuning with a photo shoot for the special Miss Tuning 2013 calendar that will be handled by no less an authority in celebrity photography, the one and only Max Steam.

In addition to the calendar spread, Frizzi Arnold will also be front and center in the advertising campaign for next year’s Tuning World. It also doesn’t hurt that this hot brunette will have access to a Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo as an exclusive company car during her time as Miss Tuning.

The calendar photos recently took place in Helsinki, Finland where Steam captured all that’s holy and beautiful with the recently crowned Miss Tuning.

The calendar will only be limited to 1,500 pieces priced at €25 a piece.

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