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The Ladies of the Moscow International Motor Show

The recently concluded Moscow International Motor Show was eventful for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was the highly touted debut of Jaguar’s B7 ballistics-protected XJ Sentinel . And while most of us were thrilled to finally see the armored XJ break cover, the Moscow International Motor Show captured our attentions more than the plethora of vehicles that were exhibited during the multi-day event.

And just like any self-respecting man would tell you, unveiling a new car at an event as grandiose as the Moscow International Motor Show wouldn’t be as complete and as thrilling without the presence of some ridiculously gorgeous girls by its side, flaunting the car’s features and their own, much to our collective delight.

So, this album is a tribute to all the foxy ladies of the Moscow International Motor Show. The very same ladies whose presence made the event all the more exciting!

Source: MrMurtazin

Like every year, the Austrian Wörthersee event will choose the 2010 Miss Tuning. At this year’s contest, there were 500 girls signed up, but only 20 of them entered the finals.

The winner will be announced on May 13.

There’s really not much else to say on the subject. We doubt any reader has even glanced at this article so we are just going to stop here.

Which one is your favorite?

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The world’s greatest aftermarket car show would not be complete without a wide variety of scantily clad women walking around the exhibition halls posing for photos and promoting their patron’s product. These car show girls fill in the voids between the automotive works of art, keeping attendees eyes moving from one item to the next and act like magnets attracting hoards of slack jawed males to their respective booths, like sirens marooning ships full of men. People then wait in endless lines for a little more than a wink and an oversized poster complete with the signature of a women they have most likely never heard of, but it is well worth it because she is so hot. So in addition to featuring everything from high end American hot rods to some of the nicest import tuner cars in the world, the 2009 SEMA show is also chock full of females.

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Just because it’s the English automaker ’s 50th birthday and because we like to point out our friends we decided to bring you this very interesting look on a different kind of racing school. Fellow Southern Automotive Media Association Member and professional racecar driver Bill Adam was on hand to teach a group of the Card and Driver editorial staff’s in-laws in a group of Mini Clubman Sports . Now teaching a group of grannies about the finer points of turning in and hitting the apex is a challenge in and of itself. This is especially true when you consider that the pupils come from a group that is better known for causing traffic than avoiding it. But the elderly women did surprisingly well, and at the same time gained a little bit of appreciation for what their son-in-laws do for a living. Thanks to the trio of talented instructors, they went from a group of nervous Nancys to real racing pros, by the end of the day they were even popping bottles like Rubens did this past Sunday at the European Grand Prix.

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The lovely Miss Daniela Grimm was honored with the privilege of being the exclusive model featured in the 2009 Miss Tuning Calendar. The almanac is sure to become a best seller as Daniela shows off her finer points dress up as everything from Cat Woman ready to pounce in front of the classic Batmobile to showing off her behind along with the back of an Impala .

Miss Tuning 2009 Calendar featuring the lovely Daniela Grimm

The calendar has something for everyone from fans of high revving imports clad with carbon fiber like the tuned G37 that is about to run down the 1320 against a very fast gold Supra to the classic American automobiles like a bodacious bubblegum pink Cadillac as well as giving a good look at the interior of a first generation Corvette . Don’t despair high-end fans, because Miss Tuning 2008 found a sweet silver S Class with a pair of suicide doors in the back. There will only be 150 examples of this fine piece of automotive art, so not only does the calendar have Ms. Grim going for it but it is also a very limited edition. We thought it would be a good idea to share a few more of the photos with you.

Kim Kardashian is a celebrity that needs no introduction, from her scandalous home video with rapper Ray J to her hit reality cable show on TV, Ms. Kardashian is becoming a piece of contemporary pop culture. But did you know that aside from being a hot chick, the daughter of O.J. Simpson’s defense attorney is also an automotive aficionado. It looks like Kim has made friends with the crew over at Platinum Motorsports because all of her exotic rides are wearing the tuning shop’s decorative plate on the front of all her vehicles.

The superstar’s lineup consists of a white Range Rover complete with obligatory Strut grill and what look to be 24 inch rims. Kim K owns a pair of Bentleys, a white four door Flying Spur and a blacked out drop top Continental GTC . She also enjoys taking some time out of her day to pose for a few quick snapshots in front of her Lamborghini Gallrdo Spyder . The latest addition to the Kardashian garage is a smooth silver Ferrari F430 .

Check the gallery to see all her cars!

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Formula 1 drivers live a fast paced life filled with exotic race cars beautiful women and the finest luxuries, especially in Monaco. So it is very surprising to hear that a model was causing such a distraction for the men behind the wheel at this year’s Grand Prix, but maybe you would too if you were coming out of the slowest corner in F1 only to look up and see the face of an angel staring back at you with a five foot wide smile. The race’s winner, Jensen Button, said that "every time you passed her, it was as though she was looking right at you."

It was the San Francisco native, and face of Martini’s advertising campaign, Jessiqa Pace, whose image was strung up in the air just after the Lowes hairpin, promoting the Italian winemaker’s iconic vermouth. Last year’s champion Lewis Hamilton had an incident around the banner during the Saturday qualifying session that left the mechanics rebuilding the Mercedes chassis all night and the youngest F1 Champion of all time starting from the back of the grid on Sunday.

Pace happened to be in Monaco for the race weekend, and when she learned of the unfortunate incident told reporters that "obviously it’s very flattering that I’m distracting the drivers so much, but I’d feel terrible if someone got hurt." This just goes to show, the 2009 Formula 1 season has turned the sport on its head. First Button starts winning races for Brawn GP the major manufacturers can’t find the podium and now beautiful women will have to be removed from the racetrack. At least Ferrari showed they has a little more pep in their step, coming in third and fourth at the grand prix.

Source: Autoblog

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