How to wash your car

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You must remember three basic rules when washing your car:

· Never wash or detail your car in direct heavy sunlight.

· Never wash or detail your car in extremely cold weather, if you have to, do it in the garage (the goal is to wash the car in a somewhat heated place).

· Do not wash your car after you have driven it. Do the hand test, by placing your hand on the hood to feel if there is any heat, to test if the car has cooled.

After you have found the perfect car-washing environment, you are ready to start.

1. The first thing you should do is wet the car with a hose adjusted to medium spray. This will wash off any lose dirt, or pollutants.

2. Do not use regular dishwashing or hand soap to wash your car. Use any type of car washing solution, which you can find in any auto store.

3. Mix a small amount of the soap with water in a small bucket. You want the soap to get sudsy.

4. Using a clean cloth, dip it into the bucket, getting as much suds as you can get.

5. Using little application pressure rub the cloth in a back and forth motion to eliminate swirl marks in the finish. ( The goal of this step is to loosen the dirt on the car, and hold them in suspension within the solution)

6. Remember: To dunk the cloth frequently in the bucket to get rid of the dirt trapped on the cloth.’

7. Wash sections at a time. Some people wash the car from the wheels up, others from the roof down. It does not make a difference; it is how you prefer to do it.

8. Do not forget to wash the hard to reach places like the bumper or hood edges. Opening your hood may help in getting those areas.

9. Do not forget to also wash your wheel well, and spokes.

10.Rinse the car off with a hose, again adjusted to medium spray.

11.Dry the car with clean cotton cloths. The best cloth to dry your car with is terry towels.

Some people prefer to drive the car around after the washed off the soap to get rid of excess water, but not to dry the car you still want moisture. Drive around the block and then towel dry your car, so you will not get water spots.

Remember to dry your bumpers, wheels, and chrome pieces; leaving no water droplets, because they leave water spots. If you see any dirt on the towel, you did not wash the car properly.

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