1/1 Scale 2011 Ferrari 150° Italia Steering Wheel Replica

Strap on those safety harnesses and get your couch ready for the race! Okay, so there won’t be any real racing, but Ferrari has created a 1/1 Scale Full Size 2011 Ferrari 150° Italia steering wheel replica for all you serious collectors out there. The bad news is that there will only be 250 units built and each one of them comes carrying a $ 2,245.97 (€ 1,898) price tag. It’s a big price to pay, but you’ll be the proud owner of a replica of the steering wheel used by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in the 2011 F1 Championship.

The 2011 Ferrari 150° Italia is a full size steering wheel replica hand built from genuine carbon fiber. It is fitted with moving buttons, paddles, and switches, and come with a red leather base and a clear dust cover.

The wheel weighs a total of 14.5 kilos and measures 45 x 42 x 42. Each one of the 250 limited edition pieces comes with a certificate of authenticity and a unique numbered plaque on the base.

Once ordered, the 2011 Ferrari 150° Italia steering wheel replica will take 30 days to be delivered.


It would be nice if it was selling on eBay. Its only a replica not for the car installations, great for the car racing collectors.

I wonder of it is really a replica. It is normal that it has a lot of buttons because it is a race car’s steering wheel. I am very impressed with the maker of this one because he can create this within a month.

I’ve never seen this thing before since I haven’t ridden in a race car. As I look on that scale. It is some kind of weird. It has a lot of buttons that I don’t understand. I’m truly amazed.

Is that a Steering Wheel of a car? Wow! Looks great! It looks more of a steering wheel of a jet fighter or a spaceship. lol!

I think this car still needs to be modified or something so that this steering would be functional. Well, I bet the Ferrari racing car enthusiast would loved to have this limited item.

Is this steering wheel is compatible with all the Ferrari car? I think it can be replaced on the current steering of their car. However, is their a brochure on what is the function of those buttons?

Well, it is an interesting piece, it weighs much more than i thought it would ! Steering wheels are globally expensive, this one is as well (plus it would require some work to adapt to something usable), but it is quite a looker. I ll spend my money toward maintenance for my car though.

Nice steering wheel! This is very suitable in real racing! And I think as you use this steering wheel, you’ll feel like you’re the best racer in the world!..

Well, its great to have a piece of the great Ferrari 150! With a lot of add-ons put in the steering I wonder on how the racing driver manage to used that all!

Well, I don’t know if this was for car game or what. I don’t think that it would be reasonable to spend a thousand dollar for a useless steering wheel.

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