$100 Million Ad Campaign planned by Mercedes

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Mercedes Benz has planned a $100 million advertising campaign in the U.S. The promos will focus on the C-Class and M-Class models in an attempt to improve sales figures. This is a new initiative taken up by Mercedes to increase awareness and also to promote the brand.

Mercedes will divert the advertising money to pay for nationwide TV spots instead of making local ad buys.

"There is just so much TV advertising out there, and we have to tell our story in compelling ways," stated Steve Cannon, vice president of marketing for Mercedes-Benz USA.

Competitor BMW, has another way of going about it. It will allocate not more than a quarter of its advertising dollars on TV spots and will focus on Internet advertising, interactive marketing and newspaper ads.

It will be interesting to see if there are any new promos made specially for the U.S audience. The extent to which these ads will effect sales remains to be seen.


An ad campaign worth $100 Million? What’s this a movie? Even if we know that Mercedes can really do it, what would they try to achieve on this ad?

Awesome! I love everything about it. good job MB

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