100% Russian bling: Gold plated Porsche 911 turbo

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If you wake up day after day only to find your bank balance replenished by a few million dollars, chances are at some point, you won’t know what to do with it. Take this Porsche 911 owner for example. He couldn’t find ways to get rid of the fast-accumulating green paper and did this to himself.- A 40- pound pure gold covered Porsche 911.

We find the idea annoying but appreciate the work that has gone into it. The carvings and designs on the surface are brilliant and would have taken weeks to complete by an extremely set of talented and skilled individuals. The polished surface looks nice and should have masked the rear-view mirrors entirely, eliminating the need for a reflective glass and related electronics for adjustments, but maybe next time?!

Driving a Porsche 911 on the streets would grab enough attention leave alone a gold-covered one. Is the Sultan of Brunei reading this?



The car is shiny and sparkling with its plated gold cover. However, the 40-pound cover of Porsche 911 may reduce the performance of the vehicle because it added more weight.

This car might have some convoys and security guards just to protect it from carnappers. That paint is made of real gold.

This is just the same as the 599 Ferrari at Saudi Arabia covered with gold. Yeah you have a lot of money but please don’t kill your Ferrari with your not so good idea!

this is not stupidity... it should be "arrogant", the owner is so arrogant making a 911 100% gold plated. well like mico said, you should hire your own PMC to secure this 911.

Well, although the idea of having stuffs in gold can be quite interesting, I’d say that if the car was alive, it would probably say “what in the world were you thinking”. If he didn’t knew where to spend his money up, he should have just donated it to some charity or something.

IMO this gold plated 911 is the most expensive 911 series, and if I’m the owner of this 911 I will hire a PMC to make it secure.

@adrian agree. with this car you might get killed, making you car bullet proof is not enough. You better have an escort while driving. also 5-10 guards will be needed if you park this car in the streets.

Now you can gold-plate your key with this car smiley lol Please do not try this at home, on your car, or on your neighbours car... it can get you killed. Really!!

I guess the car must be bullet proof as well!

you have to be crazy to do something like that, or incredible stupid!!

Well, when you are rich, you can afford to be an inconsiderate jacka*s who won’t even look at things from a safety point of view.

That Putin will do just about anything to get laid, won’t he?

maybe this guy’s a russian mob boss. it would explain why he could afford to do it and is arrogant enough to do it.

Is this guy wanna get killed or what ? don’t you remember this story where a supermodel died after her Porsche Cayenne was hi-jacket ?

Someone is looking for trouble!

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