1973 Camaro F-Bomb from Fast and Furious 4 now for sale

Fancy yourself driving Vin Diesel’s 1973 Camaro from the Fast and Furious 4?
Well, the seller for the Camaro F-Bomb is putting it up for sale and you can get it for a reasonably cheap price of just $40,000. And to entice prospective buyers that the car is more than just a prop, the seller said that the car comes with a 350-horsepower, V8 engine that has not only been restored into show piece quality, but is now also fully-functional complete with standard car features that run the whole nine yards.

And if you’re skeptical as to whether the car did make an appearance in the movie, we invite you to bust out a DVD and look for the scene where Dom - that’s Vin Diesel’s character - plows it through an underground tunnel.
That’s the one, complete with the whole F-Bomb livery.

Source: Volo Cars


I’m sure he was asked for a permission and got some sort of royalties package and if not money then notoriety for them "using" his car in the movie.

This vintage Camaro is insane, a lot of vintage car lovers will eager to buy this car.

Yeah, the guy who built the original F-bomb for Hot Rod Magazine is probably mad there is a clone running around of his car. Oh well for originality.

IMO, the Fast and Furious 4 was not that successfull as the 1-3 movies, because it’s not that realistic and they used too much computer graphics on it.

I agree, this is a something to remember type of car. I wonder why the want to sell it

I guess they don’t need it anymore. That’s why they are ready to sell it.

Well why are they selling it? They should bring this baby into the movie history museum for the F&F 4 to be remembered.

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