2 Horse Power Hummer H2

While the real horsepower war rages on, Jeremy Dean has the guts to unveil the "Back to the Futurama" project. What does that mean? He took a Hummer H2 and added two real horses to obtain the Hoover Cart. The total project cost him $15K.

The designer said his project was inspired by the Great Depression; a time when people could not afford gas for their vehicles and so they hitched them to horses, creating "Hoover Carts".

"I was fascinated by the Hoover Cart story and the image I saw in my mind of the re-imagined vehicle, this ultimate coping mechanism, and it seemed to me then, as it does now, a monument to the absurd, as only something utilitarian done in prolonged crisis can be," said Jeremy Dean.

Who said the Hummer is not environmental friendly?

Video after the jump.

Source: Egmcartech


Two horses are the real source of the HP of that carriage. Who would believe that this will be possible. Foolishness.

That’s a real kicking horsepower. I like its overall appearance EXCEPT for the horses.

They were just kidding right about that HP thing on this Hummer. I like it honestly. Nice the come up with this idea.

This is the most hilarious rickshaw I’ve ever seen. So how many ponies it will have, aside from those two horses pulling the Hammer? Do not ever tell me that it will have a 2 HP. ws

Ha! Ha! Ha! I love the man’s idea! What if that car really exists?! It will surely become an attention catcher.

This is the most creative coach I’ve ever seen. Anyone would want to ride it now. smiley even me.

I don’t agree with the other commentators that traditional cars are dying.

Disgusting H2, they’ve just ruin the GM Hummer’s reputation. I really have no idea why are they doing this kind of stuffs to a hummer.

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