2005 Most Stolen Vehicle

The pattern of ‘clustering’ most frequently occurs with upper midsize cars like the Acura Integra, which accounts for eight of the top 25 most stolen vehicles. The Integra, along with the Suzuki Suzuki Aerio (positions 12 and 13 on the list), are also part of a trend among what is commonly referred to as ‘tuner’ cars. These cars are popular with street racers, who look for vehicles packing a powerful motor in a lightweight and efficient package.

Perhaps most surprising is that in spite of escalating fuel costs, the Full-size Utility vehicle segment, including the Cadillac Cadillac Escalade and Land Rover, remains the most stolen vehicle segment. In addition, after dropping off the top five of most stolen segments for the year 2004, the Heavy Duty Station Wagon vehicle segment, which includes those vehicles known for their gas guzzling, such as a Chevrolet Suburban or Hummer, has reappeared to take over the second-most stolen segment.

Information on Make, Age and Segment of vehicle
- The high number of stolen Hummers makes it the most stolen make of vehicle for 2005, followed by Acura, Land Rover, Honda and Suzuki

- The top three vehicle segments with the highest rate of theft for 2005 were: Full-size Utility (e.g., Cadillac Escalade), Heavy Duty Station Wagon (Chevrolet Suburban) and the Upper Mid-size Car segment (Acura Integra)

The most stolen vehicle report is based on total losses identified as stolen and not recovered. CCC does not include temporary auto-related thefts such as "joy-rides" or the theft of car items such as stereos, or thefts that result in a repairable collision. Vehicles from model year 2005 were not included on this report.


MercuryMarauder2003, 2004


I wonder why people stole vehicles, especially in United States, they are called as land of opportunities so people are looking for opportunities to steal. HAHA! By the way, I think the main reason here is many people bought Acura cars so it has the higher chances to be stolen.
people because it is somehow boasting.

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