2005 Porsche 996 Turbo Cabriolet Seriously Blinged Out

A few weeks ago we brought you Justin Bieber’s completely ruined – chromed – Fisker Karma and we pretty much marked that monstrosity up as the world’s worst car modification. Well, it didn’t take too awful long for something a little more disgustingly over the top to unseat Bieber’s rolling mirror.

This 2005 Porsche 996 Turbo Cabriolet, which we all know and love dearly as the 911 Turbo Convertible, has received some real blingage in the form of gold leaf covering the entire body of this once gorgeous machine. According to rumors afloat around the Interwebz, this debacle of a modification took somewhere in the range of $600,000 to create.

Should you desire to be as conspicuous as possible and snag up this rolling theft bait, you can do so at the tune of just 1.8 million Russian Rubles, which equates to just a tick above $61,000. That price has to be rather disappointing for its owner if those $600,000 build cost rumors are actually true, as that is only about $9,000 less than you can get a mint condition 911 Turbo Convertible with 58,000 km (36,371 miles) for, sans the gold.

With a price that low, there may be quite an interesting back story to this entire sale, given the price is 10% of the initial cost and less than the actual market value of the car. There are no mentions of its mechanical condition, so that could be the reasoning for its low cost, or maybe the owner is tired of panhandlers peeling off sections of his car to pawn.

Here’s to hoping that someone buys this once awesome car and converts it back to its correct form, which shouldn’t be too hard since the interior looks pretty much stock.

Source: Konig Motor


Some automotive Nazi should ban this immediately!

The idea of covering the 996 Cabriolet in golden paint is not a good idea.

That was a grave mistake they have made.c

The Porsche Cabriolet has a surprising exterior finishing made up of gold, and I don’t like it.

This unfortunate modification is a tragedy to the Cabriolet.

Looks like it’s coated by a gold snake skin. I appreciate the effort of the Porsche, but I think gold is not the perfect finishing material for a car-like Cabriolet.

This shouldn’t be sold, to be honest.

This shouldn’t be allowed on the roads, seriously. It will create a massive commotion because of the possible result of its obnoxious appearance.

Was this ever sold? I also seriously think that it is dangerous to drive on normal roads because of its ridiculous shiny exterior.

Who thought of this design? I agree that this is plain ridiculous. Its attempt to boast simply failed.

@Lala_Roux: Yeah, I also think that it is incomparable because no one else is insane enough to follow its lead on designing.

Did someone request for its design? I can’t believe that Porsche really took their time on developing this.

Was this the trend back then, seven years ago? It’s incomparable, wow.

Is this some kind of a joke car? It’s like a waste of efforts, materials, money, etc. Who’s demented enough to consume this innovation of absurdity, actually?

Some people get seriously crazy when it comes to attempting to design cars uniquely. Unfortunately, this one’s result turned about to be the total opposite; the brick-like golden pattern only made it appear cheap instead of seeming expensive and luxurious. I would never want to waste a dollar on it.

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