2007 Chevrolet Epica Preview

The new Chevrolet Epica is the company’s first mid-size model to be launched in Europe with two refined, transversally mounted in-line six cylinder engines. It will celebrate its world premiere at the Geneva motor show (March 2-12, 2006) and will be launched on the European market from June 2006. Epica will offer a comprehensive range of comfort and safety equipment as standard and exceptional value for money.


Dimensionally (length/width/height: 4,805/1,810/1,450 mm), this front-wheel drive mid-size saloon has grown significantly compared to its predecessor, the Evanda. It has a wheelbase of 2,700 mm. The most striking design features of the four-door Epica are its rising, wedge-shaped side contours with a character line that runs on the upper half of the door, the grab-type door handles, the chrome grille with a substantial cross strut carrying the bold Chevrolet bow-tie emblem, large wrap-around headlamps and equally striking rear lamps. Standard safety features of the new Epica are ABS, driver and passenger airbags, and side and head airbags.

Buyers of the Chevrolet Epica will initially have a choice of two engine types: Extremely smooth straight-six gasoline units with a capacity of either 2.0 or 2.5 litres (142 and 155 hp) will be available at launch with a version of Chevrolet’s all-new family of common rail turbo diesel engines coming later. The six cylinder gasoline engine is probably the shortest six cylinder available in the world. This enables the whole power unit to be neatly packaged in a lightweight transverse configuration. Both engine types are available with a five-speed manual or a sophisticated new five-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission.


I think the car is too simple. Anyway, yeah i would agree that its engine is too small for this one, i mean... duhh! i think Chevy could do a lot better than this!

The chevy Epica looks really cool, but for its huge size, the engines are jus too tiny

As to crude oil goes up your dreams of muscles blows out. I ran a test drive with this car today and I was impressed. Bdw. overdosed american design is good for hollywood or your mom. For all those who prefer muscles coulisse and don t mind a inside.

Okay, I really don’t like the European look on some of these cars. I thought chevys were true american cars. The saying goes, " An American Revolution." And give the engines some power! 150 some odd horsepower? That’s just not chevy! I mean gosh, my lawn mower gets more power than that! Let’s stop this foriegn look and make chevys what there supposed to be, American Muscle!

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