2008 BMW M3 by Vorsteiner

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Many of you folks were disappointed when BMW announced that there will be no CSL version of the current BMW M3 . In order to change this, the American tuner Vorsteiner unveiled today its customized BMW M3. The purpose of the car is to create a new CLS , which means the M3 had to lose some weight. A new carbon fiber hood was installed, new carbon fiber rear trunk with integrated spoiler, carbon fiber rear air diffuser and a new titanium-made exhaust system.

2008 BMW M3 by Vorsteiner

Under the hood the original 420 hp has been boosted to 460 hp and 328lb-ft, while the speed limiter was removed, permitting the vehicle to reach speeds close to 200 mph. Also a new set wider alloy wheels were added in order to improve the stability. According to the manufacturer, a new version of the M3 is currently under development capable to develop an astonishing 500 hp.

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