2008 Ford Kuga Crossover to be unveiled in Frankfurt

According to Carscoop, the production version of the Iosis X concept revealed at the Paris motor show last autumn will be unveiled this autumn this time in Frankfurt. The model will be called Kuga and is a mid-sized crossover.

Source: Carscoop

Compared to the Iosis-X concept, the Kuga is less dramatic. The new crossover will be manufactured at Ford’s plant in Saarlouis, Germany. It will be a big competitor for the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 even the Nissan Qashqai.


And you can bet every dollar in your posession that this vehicle well never make it across the Atlantic Ocean. Wonder if we could get James Cameron to go searching for all those sunken ships? But seriously i don’t know how it is that Ford still refuses to realise that you can assemble cars on two sides of an ocean and still have them identical. Everybody else does it so I don’t know what their problem is. Oh...I forget...senility runs in that family.

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