2008 Honda Accord to hit 60mpg

Source: AutoCar

We previously reported that Honda will drop the Accord Hybrid. But this does not mean that you will have to pay millions for gas if you want to own an Accord. Honda will replace the non-successful Accord V6 hybrid with an ultra-clean range of diesel engines that could be capable of over 60mpg. The company claims this diesel engine will be as clean as a petrol engine.

The new clean diesel engine is based on the current 2.2 i-CTDi. Honda previously presented at the technology convention in California an European Accord with a sophisticated version of the 2.2 diesel, and capable of 62.8mpg.

The new engine will use a catalytic converter that reduces nitrogen oxide output by converting it to ammonia, and then use the ammonia to further neutralize the remaining NOx.

The new Accord will be launched in September and its exterior design will be inspired by the Coupe concept unveiled in January at the Detroit motor show.

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