2008 McLaren Mercedes SLR crashes a day after it was bought

No matter how expensive your car may be, it’s safety and well-being is still not exempt from people’s stupid decisions.

Take this guy from Poland for instance. A day after his father bought a 2008 Mercedes McLaren SLR , the 23-year old crashed the day-old vehicle into three other cars. While details surrounding as to how it happened are a mystery, the guy reportedly saw a Ferrari 599 GTB out on the road and decided to challenge the 599 to a good old fashion street race. Well, judging from the photos, we all know how that went.

It’s bad enough that the car costs around $700,000, but to make things worse, the schmuck was driving with a young child in the passenger seat. The poor kid ended up getting hurt from the vehicular mishap while the driver of the SLR went AWOL for almost 17 hours before showing up again.

We feel terrible for the SLR but in this particular case, our hearts go out to the young kid who got hurt because somebody was being an irresponsible adult.


Well, he must have been excited with the cool car that he forgot his responsibilities and his passengers. Sometimes it just is a pain in the butt to have drivers like this behind the wheel. O well, after the law punishes him, I’m pretty sure that his father would as well.

well the driver of the SLR are so arrogant he think that challenging the 599 will give him credit but he ended up in jail, he even didn’t think of the child getting hurt when an accident happened.

I don’t know who was dumber, the guy for racing with a child in the next seat or the dad who bought his son a $700,000 car.


Have a bright future. Hope that kid is not badly hurt.

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