2008 Opel Corsa by Lexmaul

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Opel Corsa received a new package from the German tuner Lexmaul, a tuner who specializes in German vehicles. The kit features new side skirts, front grille, a front lip spoiler, a rear air diffuser, new exhaust tip and a 2-piece roof spoiler.

2008 Opel Corsa by Lexmaul

If you could pick up a Corsa in the U.S., the new package would cost around $1,200. Other options include new alloy wheels in 16, 17, 18 or 19-inch or an ECU update (that’s another $1,200).

Models who find a small car sexy sold separately.

Source: 4wheelsnews


dang.. so lovely and amazing custom corsa Lexmaul is really mad.

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