2008 Vauxhall Vectra - official images?

Source: AutoExpress

The new Vauxhall Vectra will replace the current model in 2008; it will bring with it fresh styling, a new platform and some of the most advanced safety technology yet seen on a production car.

The 2008 Vectra will feature a big, chrome V-shaped grille, faired-in lower spotlights and streamlined headlamps. That sporty feel continues in profile, with a rising waistline and sharply curved roof which flows down to a rakish tailgate. At the rear, bold tail-lights and chrome detailing finish off the new look.

Inside, the cabin will draw inspiration from the virtually production-ready interior of the GTC. Expect deep-set dials backlit in red, piano black trim for the centre console and lots of chrome highlights. Build quality will be excellent, too – Vauxhall wants to take on prestige brands in this area.

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