2008 VW Scirocco by Eibach

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The new VW Scirocco is one of those great looking Euro-only cars that we wish we had. But for those who can get their hands on one, it can still be improved. Eibach has now released its new suspension components it says is specially designed for the Scirocco (even though the Scirocco shares its suspension basics with the Golf.) This includes the Eibach Pro-Kit, which lowers the center of gravity with up to 30 millimeters, the Pro-Spacer kit and the Pro-Street-S kit, which lowers the car with up to 70 millimeters.

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Wind force is measured according to the Beaufort scale. But not the desert wind named VW Scirocco. Instead, the sleekly sports coupé conquered the rating tables of the major automobile magazines and proved in numerous tests that there is a lot more behind the fine-sounding name than hot air.

2008 VW Scirocco by Eibach

Compared to the standard-production vehicle, the handling characteristics are being optimised even more with the Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs – and you won’t have to miss out on comfort. In addition, the vehicle’s look is greatly enhanced by lowering its centre of gravity. This also applies to the use of the Pro-Spacer Aluminum-Wheel-Spacers, which ideally flatter the lines of the compact muscle package. If you would like to show the competition which way the wind blows in extreme driving situations, you can fall back on the Eibach Pro-Street-S Stainless Coil-Over Suspension System.

2008 VW Scirocco by Eibach

All Eibach Suspension Components, which are available through authorised dealers, are provided with a high-quality corrosion protection and are TÜV-certified. For further information, please contact our sales hotline:
+49 (0) 27 21 / 511-342.


* top-performance handling
* lower vehicle´s centre of gravity by approx. 1.2" (30 mm)
* progressive spring design
* excellent ride quality
* part of the Eibach Pro-System


* made from high-tensile-strength aluminum alloy
* significant weight advantage compared to wheel-spacers made from steel
* exact fitment by using minimal production tolerances, resulting in exceptional wheel balance
* high-grade corrosion protection through a special coating process
(salt spray test acc. to DIN 50021)
* all applications tested in rigid durability- and fatigue tests
* available for most popular car models


* height adjustment from 20 mm to 70 mm vehicle lowering
(depending upon vehicle type)
* rust-free stainless steel design
* sporty and comfortable in the normal range, appealingly taut in the threshold
* spring elements drawing on our ERS program
* TÜV certified adjustment area and complete documentation for an easy handling

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