2009 Audi S4 to be launched at New York Auto Show

After the A4 unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show, an S version is set to be unveiled next year at the New York Auto Show. It will go on sale in the States alongside the B8 A4 in fall 2008.

Source: Audi World

The B8 S4 will debut with a brand new 3.0-liter TFSI bi-turbo producing 330-hp. With this powerplant Audi can nearly match the B7’s 340-hp output while providing even better performance figures. The 0 to 60 mph sprint will be made in less than 5 seconds and the fuel economy will be raised from 17 mpg to over 20 mpg.

The B8 S4 will mark the debut of Audi’s vectoring quattro system which will allow the dynamic allocation of torque to all four wheels. Audi’s already improved driving dynamics thanks to its recent rearward bias will improve even further as the S4 gets the most neutral driving characteristics ever found in a performance sedan.

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