2009 BMW M5 to be powered by a Twin-Turbo V10 engine

Audi will need to come with a more powerful engine, when, in 2009, BMW will launch the new M5, with a high-tech M-Sport V10 engine. For sure Audi’s 572bhp twin-turbo V10 engine used in the RS6 won’t have anything to say in front of BMW’s 575 hp engine. Can you feel a battle between the those two starting? Well, another one actually!

Source: MSN Cars UK

The current M5 has a maximum power of 507 hp, and it’s already a rocket ship; so, the 2009 M5 will be something insane, beyond our imagination!

Until very recently, the German car makers was something of a purist concerning petrol engines, preferring naturally aspirated over forced induction. But the current twin-turbo straight-six petrol in the 335i and 535i proves BMW can do ’charging as least as well as anyone else. Usually better. And a turbocharger or two would do wonders for the M5’s low-down torque, which we’ve found to be a little lacking in the past.

Spy photographers report that the 2009 M5 sound incredible aggressive (imagine that!) and that it may have also been using a DSG transmission in place of the current SMG unit.


wow thats sumtin worth waiting for an its about darn time that bmw puts it into high-gear

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