2009 F1 season so far: rewarding the independent spirit

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The way Formula 1 is going this season, with the privateer upstart, Brawn GP team dominating in a field of experienced manufacturers; it looks like things will never be the same again. The ex-Ferrari/Honda technical director and now team owner, Ross Brawn, is showing makes like Mercedes Mercedes , Ferrari Ferrari , BMW BMW , Toyota Toyota and even Renault Renault a thing or two about how to put together and F1 racecar. The Brawn BGP 001 must be good, because it has made Britain’s lost son, Jensen Button, a driver who couldn’t even find the podium for the last two years absolutely unstoppable, winning 5 of the 6 races so far this season.

Normally it takes about 10 to 15 years for F1 technology to trickle down onto the streets, but hopefully in this age of automotive independents, it won’t take that long. This independent spirit could just so happen to be what this ailing automotive economy needs. This kind of innovative thinking, is making car companies like the all electric auto maker Tesla sound more and more like Tucker.


A couple of the manufacturers are threatening to walk away if the cost to compete doesn’t come down. They are having a hard time justifying the cost in this economic climate

Ferrari quitting is just a rumour. They haven’t confirmed anything at the moment.

Toyota seems to have threatened to walk out of F1 if any more rules are changed.

I am in canada and I watch F1

and also have any of you heard ferrari is quitting racing

Does anyone in the U.S. watch F1?

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