2009 Ford Fusion will get more power

Ford will launch the new Fusion late this year. It will get more powerful and more efficient powertrain. The midsize sedan’s 160-horsepower inline four-cylinder engine will be replaced with a new 170-horsepower four-cylinder with variable valve timing. Coupled with a new six-speed transmission, the updated Fusion will be more powerful than the current model, and will boast better gas mileage.

The new engine is the same 2.5-liter motor that Ford unveiled in New York last month for the new Ford Escape and Mercury Mercury Mariner sport utility vehicles. The Fusion will also be getting the same six-speed transmission as those models.

Ford also said it would introduce a more powerful and efficient V-6 engine for the Escape and Mariner. While Ford did not make any announcement about a new V-6 for the Fusion, it is likely that engine will also replace its existing 3.0-liter V-6.

The redesigned Fusion will also feature a new front fascia and upgraded interior. A hybrid version had already been announced.

Source: Detroit News

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