2009 Lexus GS-F renderings

Source: Paultan

At 2007 Detroit Auto Show, Lexus unveiled the IS-F, a 400 horsepower performance car that is ment to be a big competitor for the BMW M3. Next, on the F line-up, will be a performance GS model, that will be unveiled sometime in 2009.

The GS-F is supposed to compete with BMW M5. Perhaps the GS-F will be powered by the V10 that’s supposed to be slotted into the Lexus LF-H supercar, making over 500 horsepower. While power figures on paper might defeat the M5, but that’s not all it takes to win the hearts of enthusiasts.


this Lexus GS-F have to came to the market to make BMW,Audi,Mercedes Benz, and another competitors to close they mouse.
But the Gs-f need 580 Hp

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