2009 Maybach Landaulet priced at $1.35 million

The 2009 Landaulet was first launched as a concept version last year at the Dubai auto show, and earlier this year Maybach announced the production version. The convertiblelike four-door Landaulet will go on sale in USA starting December at a price of $1.35 million!

"The Landaulet is for a superrich individual who wants something that is extremely extraordinary and enjoys being driven in a car with acres of sky above them," Hans-Dieter Multhaupt, vice president of program management for Maybach said.

The Landaulet is designed as a chauffeur-driven limousine. The soft partial convertible top above rear-seat passengers opens from the B-pillar back so passengers in the rear seat can be seen and enjoy the sunshine.

The Maybach’s rear doors and side windows remain intact. The driver’s compartment is covered by a nonremovable hard top. Multhaupt said many of the Maybach Landaulets "will be fitted with a glass panel that separates the driver and the passenger, like the cars of the past."


$1.35 Million is really a high cost for a Landaulet but I think it is worth spending for, considering that the interior of this, offers you a luxury and comfort, then why would you have a second thought to spend money for this one.

When I’m going to buy this car, for sure I will be soon turned into a beggar. hahaha only multi-billionaires will be fond with this so luxurious car, but I’m impressed with it. I just wish that someday it will go on sale. Kidding. 

I guest they give justice on too much price of this 2009 Maybach Landaulet. It is too classy with a grand glass panel between them and to have an acres on the sky above them you will be having a grand journey.

One thing is for sure, unless you live in Dubai, chances are slim the owners will ever someone else driving - sorry, being driven - in the same car.

For a second I thought this was the Bill Pullman edition Maybach. Now that would be truly awesome.

I like the convertible type back roof thingy. Makes it very classey

This is a little too much

I guess there truly is no limit to excess.

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