2009 Nissan 350Z?

A Japanese magazine presented a few renderings of what is thought to be the highly anticipated 2009 Nissan 350Z. The current 350Z is powered by a 3.5 liter V6 engine, but is believed to get a 3.7 liter engine in 2009 (this mean that the new sportscar Nissan will get the 370Z name).

Source: Autoblog.it

Performance will be upgraded by 30 horsepower. Also the 2009 350Z will feature a modern design and in improved interior, in both terms of design and quality.

2009 Nissan 350Z?


This Nissan 350z 3.5 V6 is a very sexy, hot, sporty car

wow this looks oh so good

Well, it may be well worth the sacrifice

it’s nice but like the new skyline comming out and the new honda civic but your not going to be able to put fance body kits and neons on it

Considering Lexus just pushed their G35 to become a more powerful G37. It would not be a surprise to see Nissan do the Same with their 350Z and bring either a turbo charge 6 cylinders or even a V8 and create a nice Z500. This would moreover close nicely the gap in their line once they have on the market the New Nissan Skyline.

So what’s next for Nissan? 400Z? Or perhaps 500Z? When is the upward climb going to stop?

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