2009 Opel Insignia new spy shots

Opel today released a new series of official spy shots of the 2009 Insignia (after the first ones launched by Vauxhall). Insignia will make its world debut in July at the London Motor Show. It will come to replace the Vectra which itself replaced the Ascona in 1988 and will be sold under the brands Vauxhall, Saturn and Opel.

The 2009 Insignia’s design will be inspired by the GTC concept unveiled last year at the Geneva Motor Show. The new Insignia family will be built at Opel’s home plant in Rüsselsheim, one of the most state-of-the-art automobile production facilities in the world.


I’m being mean or anything just saying that we see more an more newer cars having the same front bumper as s-class benz, just a though

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