2009 Subaru Forester Teaser

Subaru launched a teaser image of the 2009 Forester, model which, according to the Japanese page will be launched in 27 days. Also a member from NASIOC Forum published a few images scanned from a magazine. This give us a first look of how the future model will look like.

Source: nasioc

Compared to the current model, the 2009 Forester will be wider and also 2 inches wider than the Outback. It will share its platform with the just introduced Impreza. That would mean a longer wheelbase, which will translate into more rear passenger room.

2009 Subaru Forester Teaser

More info in 27 days. Stay tuned!

2009 Subaru Forester Teaser


too much fuss to be honest

lol its like they’re counting down to.... D-day!!

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