2010 Audi S4 by Avus Performance

As if the higher performance variant of the A4 wasn’t sporty enough, Avus Performance has developed a new tuning kit for the Audi S4 that will not only provide the 3.0 liter V6 engine with a jump in horsepower, but will also allow it to look the part with a few exterior as well as interior features.

The boost in horsepower allows the Audi S4 to produce a total of 430 HP compared to the 333HP developed in the standard model. This boost in power was held together by a thread spring kit allowing for minor suspension adjustments.

The aerodynamic package includes a new grille, rear diffuser, and front blade all with a glossy black finish which can be changed to a carbon finish if the customer so chooses. The back of the Audi S4 will see a whole new set of stainless steel mufflers with the tail pipe variant RS4 /RS6 -look in matte black. The interior can also be decked out in the carbon finish or the customer can choose from a wide variety of colors in a leather finish. The car sits on 22" Hankooh Ventus S1 Evo rims.


It looks fast but the aggressiveness of a super car is not around.

With the Euro weaks against the dollar, I would expect Audi WG to open the flood-gates and send just about everything Audi of America wants.

Avus Performance again revealed a new tuning kit for the 2010 Audi S4, which includes a set of exterior modifications, a new suspension and an engine upgrade which looks very appealing.

The ecu really helps a lot for sure the ECU they used is a hig performance and reliability ECU..

Well, the aero kit really helps alot on gaining more HP with this kit it lessen the air drag during speed increase. Pretty amazing, right?

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